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+ What does Cabinet Designers offer?

The Cabinet Designers is a full-service design facility offering our customers planning, installation and coordination of the most beautiful residential interiors in the world. We offer a myriad of cabinet brands at multiple price points to work at any budget. Our showroom is staffed with a team of both designers and installers. Cabinet Designers Team members have design education backgrounds and years of experience in the cabinet design and installation industry.

+ What is the Cabinet Designers Advantage?

You’ll be working with a team of kitchen & bath design and install specialists to bring all the details together for you in one place; saving you time and money while eliminating the need to run from store-to-store for your different needs. As a result, the byproduct of making all your related purchases at Cabinet Designers is that job site coordination is simplified.

+ How do we begin the design process with Cabinet Designers?

Schedule a complimentary consultation appointment today. Simply bring us your house plan, kitchen design or rough room dimensions of the space you are planning to remodel. There is no need to draw a detailed plan. Simply take a few photos of your space and organize your favorite images on online platforms such as Houzz or Pinterest. Our Designers will review the scope of your project and discuss options for meeting your needs. By the end of our very first meeting we will analyze your specific space, offer general guidance and create preliminary budget parameters.

+ Do you charge for design?

Because the design process requires a large time investment, we do charge a consultation fee of $1500, which will be deducted from the overall project cost if accepted. This is not a design fee, rather an early commitment for the time and coordination our professional staff extends to develop your project. In fact, Cabinet Designers does not charge for design service, instead this consultation fee is credited towards the cabinetry purchase for the room being designed. However, the Cabinet Designers Consultation fee does not provide for ownership of these copyrighted plans which are not released until the cabinet order has been placed. Upon request, Cabinet Designers Will provide design plans only and make their purchase available.

+ Can Cabinet Designers Show me what my kitchen will look like before I decide on colors and finishes?

Cabinet Designers possesses the latest in computer technology allowing for 3D line perspectives of your project. Renderings can be provided displaying the products, textures and colors you have chosen for your space. Prices vary depending upon the complexity of the project.

+ Is there a discount on other items (fixtures, lighting, etc) when I buy cabinets from Cabinet Designers?

Yes, most definitely. Our business model is purposely formulated to be enhanced when we sell all the products going into your home improvement project. Your flooring, back splash, cabinetry appliances, sinks and faucets, toilets, shower fixtures, cabinet hardware and lighting are all located in one selection center. Once you become a project customer, we can offer you a “purchase advantage” resulting in minimized overall costs. These are just an example of the many methods we use to pass the savings on to you.

+ Can I order appliances through Cabinet Designers?

Cabinet Designers does not sell appliances directly but leverages local resources to provide a full range of built in, professional and integrated appliances and equipment for your project. Our purchasing power and prices will be competitive with any other store. The biggest benefit to obtaining your appliances through Cabinet Designers is that we will coordinate and simplify the process for you. Appliances are pivotal and must fit aperture openings and panel sizes exactly. An appliance purchase when part of a renovation project is really a construction element requiring design integration, coordination, delivery and fit-out, by our installers. One of the first product specifications needed when coordinating a kitchen are the appliances and they are needed before the cabinets are built. When you minimize the number of suppliers involved in a project it reduces the possibility for communication errors, which in turn eliminates worries and make the project process effortless.

+ Can I order counter surfaces through Cabinet Designers?

Counter surfaces are an integral part of the kitchen with hundreds of choices and materials to choose. Cabinet Designers' handles not only the entire design, but template and coordinates installation of the counter surfaces too. The nature of design today finds us mixing many unique and dissimilar materials which require experience and fabrication expertise to achieve the look and affect desired. For materials such as; Quartz, Granite, Marble, Soapstone, Porcelain, Glass and Wood, Cabinet Designers handles all these materials with expert craftsmanship.

+ What services do you offer to builders and remodelers?

The scope of services and advantages Cabinet Designers offers to the trade is tremendous. For starters, we become an extension of your professional staff. One way we do that is by becoming your design and drafting department, your showroom and your cabinet supplier. Our staff guides your clients through the product selection process, providing a wide breadth of price options while offering you trade pricing and monetary loyalty rewards for the business you conduct with Cabinet Designers. Whether it is one space, cabinetry for all rooms in a newly constructed custom home or if your needs involve multi-living environments, Cabinet Designers is ready to service you with client presentations, storyboards, model selection centers and much more.