Category: Kitchens, Great Rooms

Styles: Traditional


Architect: Lucas Architect & Planning
Contractor: SAHA Construction


Bearsville, 2015
Location: Bearsville, NY


This home was a new construction, and the homeowners were looking for a very specific atmosphere for their kitchen and bathrooms. Overall, they were interested in creating a light and airy feel, and a timeless and classic style.

For the kitchen, they were looking for something that had an open concept and a rustic ambiance. They’d also expressed the desire to hide their kitchen appliances within the cabinetry, so that the cabinetry would be the focus of the room. 

For the bathrooms, they wanted to keep the design elegant yet simple.


The space is everything I could have dreamed of,” the homeowners said. “I have an absolutely fabulous space because of Cabinet Designers. They coordinated the entire project with my architect, contractor, marble fabricator, steel fabricator, and every vendor involved in the project. Everything was a seamless installation. Dale, my designer, knows what she is doing and brings all of her resources to the table. Cabinet Designers took my vision and executed a design that is stunning!”

—Denise, Homeowner